Ahh the joys of retirement! The pic above comes from a calendar fundraiser for the Portland Schools Foundation – The Portland Icons: Predictably Unpredictable 2008, photographed by Charles Waugh. The four figures are, left to right, current Portland mayor Tom Potter, Vera Katz by sculptor Bill Bane, former Portland mayor Vera Katz and former Portland mayor Bud Clark.
Waugh’s pic is a spoof of 21st Avenue gadfly Mike Ryerson’s photo of barkeep Bud Clark exposing himself to a beautiful bronze sculpture, Kvinneakt, made in 1973 by Norman Taylor and sited on the Portland bus mall at Fifth and Washington Streets since 1979. (Kvinneakt means “nude woman” in Norwegian, and Taylor is chair of the U of Washington’s sculpture department.)

Kvinneakt has been removed (deaccessed) while the bus mall is being rehabbed. Thanks to Cyclotram for the photo. Here’s an idea for Waugh’s 2009 calendar – Neil Goldschmidt flipping off City Hall.

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