Best thing to do on the coldest day of the year is to plan your Springtime fun.

Has your body molded into a clenched hunch, hammering and yammering over a letter littered keyboard? Tight as a knot? Brain filled with worries and mush?

Do something very very different. Meet Keith Goodman, Dance Gatherer. No – don’t just read about him, meet him, see him dance and sign up for classes and dance with him.

Keith is one of Portland’s foremost dance performers and teachers for every age. Keith embraces new multicultural approaches to dance, social change, world mythology and mysticism.

CIRCLE THE DATE – New choreography by Keith Goodman will be performed by Brasiba on February 2, at 7:00 PM at Reed College – FREE!

CIRCLE THE DATE – Brasiba will perform the same new work at Sowelu Theater’s fundraiser on February 23, 7:00 PM. (RSVP @ 503-730-9066 / $25 – $250)

CIRCLE THE DATE – Dance Gatherer Camp for Youth will be held June 17 – July 2, call 503-232-2869 for more information.