Ahh, now I can quit and go back to sorting marbles…

Joanne Oleksiak writes to announce the launch of the Portland Mural and Community Arts Library web site, created by Ping Khaw. It seems not only to be a archive of current artworks around and about Portland, but also a forum for information and dialogue.

Some parts are not yet working, but be sure to visit the Art Gallery, which leads to detailed information about local mural artists such as Joe Cotter, John Early, Mark Larson, and Eileen Belanger.

Much luck and completion wished for this project…

Here’s Joanne’s letter to everyone.

Portland Murals & community Art Library is moving forward.

The (brand new) Portland Murals and Community Art Library is now accepting additional artists, links and (esp) mural resource people for the website.


Visit www.pmcalibrary.org to see what’s been posted so far (ideas welcome).

As the Portland City Council begins deliberations this winter on what a new, mural friendly, sign code will look like- we’ll showcase- online- the work of artists who have done outdoor murals and community-focused public art in the greater-Portland area.

If you . . . .

– Paint outdoor murals
– have a related arts website (give us permission to add your link)
– have pictures of Portland- area murals (past or present)

Please contact the PMCA library today.

If you are a mural artist, please send:

– Your name and contact information
– 3-4 pix of your work (web ready)
– Artist’s statement or explanation of what you do. Mention what kind of work you seek (ie. type of commissions, work with youth, etc.)
– link to your own website (or blog, etc).

This website will help non-profit groups and Neighborhood Associations to find artists for the 2008 summer mural painting season, and will be a new way to exibit local talent.

SEND YOUR MATERIALS TO: pmca (dot) library (at) gmail (dot) com

Muralist Ping Khaw is our intrepid (volunteer) web designer. She’ll be working on the website. Plenty of time to your artwork! So far we have about 15 artists- but we need more! WE KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE & PAINTING MURALS!!

Questions? Call Joanne 503/233-1004

If you can contribute a small am’t ($10-25) towards webhosting costs that is VERY welcome, but it’s not a requirement. Write your check to: PPKS International and send to: Ping Khaw 3530 SE Gladstone St, Portland, OR 97202