Go ahead, blame drug addicts for the swiped artwork. It’s easy. You won’t get a letter from the ACLU. It’s no struggle. No one will reproach you or contradict you on their behalf.

Pretty easy to catch them too; rustle over to the trailer park about 7:30 in the morning, bang on some doors, spook the old folks into telling who was real loud last night. You’ll find it there, shoved under a tarp or stacked next to the boat in the garage. Like shooting fish in a barrel.

The interesting points revealed by these thefts are 1) the continuing lack of addiction treatment programs in Oregon; 2) the continuing “surprise” by newies + bureaucrats about this predictable behavior; 3) the absence of a secondary market for these objects beyond the scrap yard, showing their “value” to be intangible.

So by failing to provide standard of care – effective treatment on demand for addiction – Oregon dooms it’s sculpture art to ruin. Eat the rich.

The theft of the Astoria Sacagawea, on the footsteps of thefts of two large bronze artworks from a private estate in Portland, have notified Oregon police, who with a dozen phone calls to scrap metal dealers across the state and perhaps region will catch the next crooks, hopefully prior to stolen artwork being destroyed.

So what would it take to intervene? George Fite Water’s Lincoln? Emmanuel Fremiet’s Joan of Arc? Or one of Portland’s own bronze sculptures of Sacagawea, like Alice Cooper’s in Washington Park or Glenda Goodacre’s at Lewis & Clark?

Here is the word of the day – predictable. UPDATE – Methamphetamine drove them to it. Guess what? Putting OTC drugs behind the counter is not harm reduction. UPDATE – Astoria Sacagawea statue was destroyed by thieves (see remains in the photo on the right, from the Bend Police).

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