Police arrested a Portland art gallery owner for what they called graffiti posted all around town over the past few months.

The signs started showing up several months ago and officers said the Sherwood Field Water Tank in Washington Park was vandalized with similar graffiti and resulted in damages of $12,000.

Many of the face-adorned pieces were splattered with paint and said “Portland.”

During the investigation, an officer spotted similar signs at a gallery on NW 19th. That led to Thursday’s arrest of 31-year-old Ryan Wendell Birkland for 31 counts of criminal mischief.

Investigators think Birkland was responsible for the graffiti and is the owner of the gallery.

Anyone with information in the case was asked to call police.

Well that’s all pretty boring. The question of art vs crime is fairly banal as well. Clearly it’s both art AND crime, which only points out a nubbin of authoritarianism, which is also fairly uninteresting in context, but gives a nice, safe example of the sheer stupidness which cops can muster and the media can ignite. A spark in the dark.

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ABOUT RYAN – from This I think is a subset of Ryan Birkland.
ABOUT RYAN – from (The site is pulled down. So is your one call from jail to your lawyer or to your webmaster? Really I can do jail standing on my head, but review of my artwork by the hoi polloi? Never!)