“Trunk Monkey” from r-west, a PR + ad firm in Portland. There are ten of them, made for a local auto dealer.

Television is about advertisements. The other content is just banal propaganda. Many / most viewers are confused by this and consider advertising to be annoying, boring, vacuous – and most is. Why? Because the cost of TV advertising is high and it’s effectiveness is difficult to measure. (Until guys like Alvin Achenbaum and other ad stats folks on Madison Avenue figured some formulas showing causal relationship between spot purchase and product purchase, TV revenue, like the internet now, was something of a guess-estimate.)

TV horizons widened, first with UHF, then cable, then competition from better distributed print media, then the internet, and now HDTV which could quadruple the bandwidth without additional content. In the circa 1972 Madison Avenue formula, the wider the bandwidth, the less effective the advertisement. Costs should correspondingly go down, so pressure is on the creatives to increase the quality of the ads themselves.