This graphic clipped from Google Zeitgeist shows the marked increase in news articles with the key phrase “Portland art” in the text or headline.

Searches are set for all articles all years. The top graph is search volume, the lower graph is news reference volume. The letter flags mark particular articles / events. Clear measurement of the attention to Portland art? I don’t think so. What might be presumed from this scan is a downward trend of interest in geographically tied artwork from 2004 to 2008.

What needs to be parsed is the acceleration of the amount of media using all sorts of text. Google also doesn’t provide vertical measurement, so we must compare to comparable cities.

What about Boston? Google Boston art? (Search says “No news articles found.”)What about Seattle? Google Seattle art? What about San Francisco? Google San Francisco art? What about Dallas? Google Dallas art? (Search says “No news articles found.”)And, very predictable, what about Miami? Google Miami art?What about New York art? Google New York art?