Love this hippie cabbage patch goddess, sprinkling the leaves on about 22nd Avenue off Division, on the side of the a communist cafe, now relocated decidedly more downtown to the new Red & Black Cafe, with their delectables but without the artwork.

What’s remarkable about this artwork? In itself nothing, but as a marker of a hippie business (and by hippie I mean the socio-collection of characters inside) you can find it, or some reasonable likeness a beacon for all things dreaded and vegan in spirited cities all over the world. It says: safe inside. And maybe also: this is a safe community to be in. Tramps used to leave a coded chalk mark under the railroad bridge. Additional signage is unnecessary. So is it an advertisement? A marketing magnet of sorts? Is an illuminated crucifix an advertisement?

I’m reminded of the Darby Crash line, “What we do is secret!” What secret? You have pot? You know someone who has pot? You used to know someone who had pot? Safe from what? J Edgar Hoover?

The artwork stays, owned by the building and is in the peril of gentrification and exterior wall paint. I’ll put up the AFTER picture when it comes.

It’s gone.