From the Daily Astorian – March 20, 2008

Russel Reier said he tried to tell investigators he knew where to find the head of Sacagawea.

The Clatsop County jail inmate said he knew where two heads from a bronze statue stolen from Fort Clatsop were, he just needed someone to listen to him.

A 5 1/2-foot statue of Sacagawea and her baby, Jean Baptiste Charboneau, was stolen from its mounting bolts at the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park site Jan. 19. The case attracted national publicity. One man has been sentenced to 50 days in jail after admitting the crime March 5.

As Reier was being moved from the jail to the Community Corrections Transition Center Monday, he approached Paul Tesi, the county jail commander.

Tesi said Reier told him, “Lieutenant, I need to talk to you. I know where the head of Sacagawea is.”

So Tesi took him aside and Reier began to draw a map.

“How about I just take you to them?” he volunteered.

Deputies took Reier a few blocks down Bond Street, where he pointed out a truck.

The law enforcement officers couldn’t see the heads in the truck. And they didn’t have a search warrant. So while they were deciding what to do, they heard Reier behind them yell, “Here they are!”

The man had reached in the truck and pulled out a canvas bag containing the heads.

They were in reasonable condition, although the necks were tangled where they had been ripped off the statue.

The owner of the truck wasn’t available.

His aunt reportedly told police officers that he was out of town … and didn’t plan to return.

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