The best fresh pierogi in Portland is at International Meats on about 60th and SE Foster Road. It’s changed hands several times in the past few years I think, but maintains a great selection of handmade sausages, preserved fish, pickles and cheese.

Carrying the vittles, I found this.

Across the Holgate + Foster is a small alley where a history of Foster Road has been colorfully and crudely painted.

Flappin’ on Foster recounts the small history of outer Foster Road, from the turn of the last century to the 1930s, perhaps. Funding initially came from the Anne A. Berni Foundation, managed by Mary and David Becker (of Becker Co. and a trustee of, and perhaps came in two parts. An aluminum plate sign says the lead artist was Becky Bristol, now of Ohio. Signed in crude paint above “Part II” was led by Ping Khaw-Sutherland.

This mural has been vandalized by local idiots, expressing the current and dismal milieu of Foster Road.