Portland\'s Parthenon Plasters
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The Parthenon Frieze c. 448-432 BCE

From a card pasted to the wall – The plaster reliefs found throughout the promenade and the sunken ballroom [of the former Masonic Temple, now the Mark Building], are from the Frieze which once encircled the Parthenon in Athens. The frieze is an idealized representation of the procession of the Partheneia festival, a celebration of Athena, Goddess of wisdom and war, and protector of Athens – which happened every four years. The original marble frieze was likely finished with brightly hued encaustic paint.

The procession of figures and animals started at the southwest corner and proceeds in both directions, converging at the center of the east facade – the entrance to the temple – which housed the forty-foot gold and ivory statue of Athena.

I think these are from the infamous collection stolen from Greece by Elgin from 1801 to 1812, still locked up at the British Museum.

EXTRA – Restitution of the Parthenon Marbles