Portland Public Art endorses Sam Adams for mayor of Portland.

Sure, he could be a Manchurian candidate, genetically designed to appear “perfect” in all ways. Why a black rooster? Perfect. Why a yellow helmet? Very stylish. North, using no lights and handheld crap camera cinéma-vérité. Comfortable. The laconic voice, the specs, the creaky NoPo fix-up monster, the G4s, the sly reference to the well-known and well-regarded writer Alasdair Gray, author of Lanark and the more recent Unlikely Stories, Mostly – all are perfect code zinging the creative capacity set.

Kimberly Howard of IFCC (chaired by Jesse Beason, policy director for Adams), Mike Houck of UGI, Vera Katz, John Kitzhaber, Polo, eloquently endorse Adams in the video above.

There is a danger to democracy when elections are conceded, or run by unserious people. The danger is the dominant candidate gains office without public debate, without community conversation about future policy, without challenge. Sam, by intimidating, evading or negotiating, is able to release this wonderful little film, calmly highlighting his city, his daily toil of public service, and his charisma without stating his position on any issue.

Regardless – Sam’s past advocacy on behalf of the arts makes him our candidate. His ideal, to link a wider community of creative creators, is a smart, forward-thinking, winning strategy for fund raisers and art makers.

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