The large oil paintings Michael Brophy was working on last year before a nighttime fire blasted through his house and studio seem oddly prophetic now. Brophy’s vision of the Northwest landscape has always tended toward the subtly cataclysmic: forest clear-cuts, burned-out shells of buildings, ominous skies, the log-strewn aftermath of unspecified disaster. In Brophy’s current show “Here — There” at G. Gibson Gallery, the darker aspect of his paintings gets more personal. Five big oils were among those salvaged from the studio after the September fire. One, called “Pallet Fire,” depicts a vertical sweep of flames that has little effect on the surrounding night.

The artist restored the paintings, which were marred by smoke and water. Fortunately, the work had been photographed before the fire. You can see them as they were in a new catalog, “Here There Nowhere,” available at the gallery.

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