Willamette Week, a good measure as any, lists about 41 art galleries in their calendar listings this week, October 22 2008.

How many will be remaining six months from now?

You guess is as good as mine. I don’t know what the natural attrition rate is, and this list below is a mix of institutions relatively unaffected by the ongoing financial fiasco, or businesses which have other revenues. My guess is 15 out of the 40 below will be closed by April 15, 2009.

For galleries dependent on the new rich with ample wall space, good times are over.

3d Center Of Art & Photography
Blackfish Gallery – NPO
Blue Sky Gallery
Bullseye Gallery
Charles A. Hartman
Elizabeth Leach Gallery
Eyeful Gallery
Floating World Comics – other revenue
Laura Russo Gallery
Museum Of Contemporary Craft – NPO
Ogle Gallery
Oregon Jewish Museum – NPO
Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center – NPO
Pacific Northwest College Of Art – NPO / other revenue
Pdx Gallery
Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery
Quality Pictures
Tender Loving Empire
Vault Martini
Augen Gallery
Independent Publishing Resource Center – NPO / other revenue
Lewis & Clark College – academic
Littman Gallery – academic
Mark Woolley Gallery
Multnomah Arts Center – County-funded
Portland Art Museum – NPO / other revenue
Portland State University – academic
Leftbank Building
Rocksbox Gallery
Sandy Gallery
Cube Gallery
Cube Gallery
Fourteen30 Contemporary
Jace Gace
Launch Pad
Metalurges Gallery