It’s got everything. Roses, Elvis, a charging stallion, Portland / Willamette background, sexy sweat.  This is maximum mojo.  Thanks to Willamette Week.  Who’s the artist?

There’s been little public art of interest made about George Bush.  No serious sculptures commissioned I know of, no heroic paintings ready for statehouses or stately homes.  Many essays in the New York Review of Books, Checkpoint by Nicholson BakerNovember by David Mamet, W by Oliver Stone,  There’s plenty of material to work with, but so far few if any artists of interest have taken up the challenge.  No doubt Tom Wolfe is working on something.

But November 4 will be a change for the arts – which as usual had no affect on political discourse of the past year.

Artists of all sorts have been making images of Obama, and the Obama Art Report has been tracking much of it.

Did you know?  Rapid City, South Dakota has lifesize bronze sculptures of many presidents adorning their downtown?

Have you seen great Obama art?  Use the comments to send us the link.

Happy election day – America’s greatest holiday.