Sampan Fisherman by John Kelly

Sampan Fisherman by John Kelly

Craig’s List poisoned newspapers. They are the walking dead, yearning for the final blow (though all copies of the NY Times sold out in downtown Seattle, New York and Portland by 10 AM November 5 – keepsakes, perhaps.)

Boats, cars, furniture, boyfriends – online classified ads are overwhelmingly more robust, free, interactive.

But it looks like Portland art galleries are not in any danger of being replaced by the online juggernaut. Caveat emptor!

Montage at Night oil painting by Terrance Gasca – originally sold by Lawrence Gallery $2400 – now $1150.

Statue under the Sea, oil paining by T Heczko – $2000

Sampan Fisherman, print by John Kelly – $1295

Samovar and Jar, oil painting by Ettina – $1200

Wherever He Leads Me, print on canvas by Greg Olsen – $3500

Five paintings by Jennifer Grey of the Lawrence Gallery, paid value was $3500 – now $1200

Russell Chatham lithographs made in 1988, cash or trade for diesel motor home – $52,400 (note: original value might have been a 10th of this price.)

Bridge of Hope reproduction of some sort by Thomas Kinkade, bought originally for $2600 – now $1365

Garden Wall an oil painting by H. Gordon Wang – $5000

Z. Z. Wei “investment grade original” oil painting – $12500 or trade for “BMW 3 series or Audi of similar of comparative value (nothing older than 2000/01 please). “