The Portland Public Art blog was launched in 2005 to measure the supply and demand of the art community in Portland, Oregon.

The blog is interested primarily with art which is public, not private, so I do not review gallery shows or artworks where notability is about value or private ownership.

Answers to frequent questions. The blog is anonymous. I am not affiliated with an arts organization, media or educational institution. The blog gets between 100 and 500 hits a day. If you ask me to review something it’s more likely I won’t. The question: is it art? doesn’t interest to me.

All that being said, Portland Oregon is littered with art and artists, and if you start looking for it, you’ll begin to notice art everywhere, made by all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons.

  • The blog’s major points are
    1. Art is everywhere – open your eyes.
      This blog is becoming a comprehensive inventory of Portland art.
      Regardless of quality, art should be cherished.